NEW: Crinkle cookies, premium filled tulip muffins and twirls.

Easyfood is the 3rd biggest Danish bakery (turnover 40 mio€), specialised in trendy Nordic-style pastries for the Quick Service markets. Easyfoods' productionlines can bake in line, so most of our productrange is thaw and serve. The core competence of Easyfood is the production of soft dough pastries. Cinnamon flavours are the backbone of the range, and we develop other trendy flavours, like apple-caramel, forestfruit, ... depending from country to country.

Our main customers are the coffeeshops, the high street bakeries and the instore bakeries of the more adventurous retailers. Our productrange consists of cinnamonbuns, soft dough muffins, cookies, healthy bars, breadsticks and Italian style savouries.

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